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Wish Upon 2017

Twelve years after her mother's suicide, CLARE SHANNON, a 17-year-old at school imprisoned, humiliated by her parents, caretakers and Jonathan Jonathan neglected the length of their journey. Everything changed when his father came home with a box of old music that promised inscription in their seven wishes. While Clare initially skeptical about the magic box, you can not help but be seduced by the power of darkness, and excited for her life improved radically with desire.Clare have finallyShes kehidupanSentiasa want and everything seems perfect - until the people closest to him began to die seriously and complex to die after asking each. Clare knows they need to get rid of the box, but felt capable and do not want to participate in a new and improved - to bring them dark and dangerous in the way.

A young girl found the box to grab power and the prices to use it. A young girl met This will give you seven wishes. While he usesOf the desire to personal benefit, bad things begin to happen with the people around him. He found malicious entity living in a box and can be terrible after death.

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